A beginning, of sorts…

I’ve never done this before. Many have. Does the internet really need another podcast?

Let’s find out. Coming soon, A Craft of Storytelling sets out to explore techniques that people who contribute to the production of stories, intentionally use to achieve effects in their audiences.

Whether or not they are successful in such intent, is of course another matter. Unintended consequences occur.

We’ll be examining elements of storytelling craft used across traditional media, i.e. television, radio and film, as well as digital and online things, and asking how they work; what effects they have; what advantages and disadvantages they may present.

Episodes will range from looking at specific techniques, to discussing examples in existing media, to, hopefully, interviews with creators, be they writers, producers, directors, or anyone else involved in the craft.

There is likely, also, to be a particular focus on journalism and digital media – mainly because (as I’ve ranted before), ‘storytelling’ is in grave danger of becoming a meaningless word, through overuse.

The intention behind the podcast itself is to help us all become more literate in the craft of storytelling, both as creators – what are these techniques, and how might you use them – and as audiences – how can I spot these; what is the intent behind them; how does that affect how I understand a story, and so on.

By becoming more literate on both sides of the coin, I hope that we can not only understand what we mean when we use ‘storytelling’ as more than just a buzzword, but also that we become better in our craft, practice and profession, too.

As I say – I’ve never made a podcast before, but have been wanting to for a long time. I’m aware it’ll take a fair amount of work, but I’m hoping that I’ve now committed to something – and this site will act as an open window into the process, as I go about moving from first ideas to completed episodes.

As it stands right now, I have ideas for about 20 episodes, so the next step is to a) sort out the practicalities of recording, and b) work on a settled structure and outline for the first few episodes.

I’m excited, and slightly nervous, but I’m confident that there’s at least a small audience whom this might appeal to, and a wider audience who could find something of interest and relevance in what results.

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